Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications, 1st ed.

© 2010 Richard Szeliski, Microsoft Research

Welcome to the Web site ( for the 1st (2010) edition of my computer vision textbook, which you can purchase at a variety of locations, including Springer (DOI) and Amazon. The book is also available in Chinese and Japanese (translated by Prof. Toru Tamaki).

I am keeping this Web page up in case you want to download the PDF corresponding to the 2010 hardcopy version (same content, but different pagination). But you really should download the latest 2nd edition draft instead.

This book is largely based on the computer vision courses that I have co-taught at the University of Washington (2008, 2005, 2001) and Stanford (2003) with Steve Seitz and David Fleet.

You are welcome to download the PDF from this Web site for personal use, but not to repost it on any other Web site. Please post a link to this URL ( instead. An electronic version of this manuscript will continue to be available even after the book is published. Note, however, that while the content of the electronic and hardcopy versions are the same, the page layout (pagination) is different, since the electronic version is optimized for online reading.

The PDFs should be enabled for commenting directly in your viewer. Also, hyper-links to sections, equations, and references are enabled. To get back to where you were, use Alt-Left-Arrow in Acrobat.

If you have any comments or feedback on the book, please send me e-mail.

Electronic draft:

September 3, 2010


See here for a list of errors that people have noticed and reported (last updated 2/1/2011). Prof. Toru Tamaki has compiled a more extensive list during his translation of the book into Japanese (1/2/2013).

Slide sets

There are no official slide sets to go with the book, but please feel free to look at the University of Washington CSE 576 (Graduate Computer Vision) slides that Steve Seitz and I have put together.

Additional good sources for related slides (sorted rougly by most recent first) include:


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